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living room

Amidst the lockdown in many countries due to the coronavirus, we’ve all been in our comfort zone, the bedroom, or living room which might seem boring to be in; we enjoy changes. So to give your living room a different look, do read through the best 15 living room decor ideas with Noble Decoration. These latest tips will make your living room more attractive and will not require much of your time, energy, and capital but creativity.

Living room

     1. Color coordination

Having color coordination in your living room can easily make our look more aligned and attractive. Colors can genuinely turn a planned living room into something special. Having color contrast in furniture, couch, cushion, curtains, room walls, roof, etc., will make your living room chic and elegant. Adding light colors to your living room will make your lounge look more extensive and comfortable. If you select the shining colored-walls, downplay the color of your furniture and décor. If the living room will be used during the day and is particularly well-lit by the sun, remember to use richly saturated hues colors or give earthy shades.

color contrast in living room

     2. Gallery wall

Gallery wall or photo screen in the living room has become quite a in demand over the past few years; Photo frames work as one of the best decoration ideas. You could put up quotes, paintings, or pictures of you, your family, or your friend. Remember to use identical frames if you wish to give your gallery wall an asymmetrical look. And hang the photo shell with some uniform spacing.

Some individuals don’t like to use photo frames to take big colorful tapes and stick your photos with them. This will also give your gallery wall a gentle look.

Gallery wall of living room

     3. Floor styling

Talking about the living room, how could we not talk about how we went our floor to look like. Dropping a rug in the seating area would not only make it a comfortable place but also eye-catching. There are many pros of keeping the rug in the lounge ( E.g., it will prevent your floor from getting dirty). And to give a luxurious touch to the floor then you must choose hardwood flooring. There are three varieties available (strip, plank, and parquet). Also, this hardwood floor is readily available and straightforward to maintain. There is also the second option of ceramic tiles for individuals looking for an option of water and stain resistance as it’s easy to clean and can give a perfect touch to your floor in the sitting room.

floor style in living room

     4. Fairy lights

To give your living room a change, add on some fairy lights. These lights will also give a fancy look which can be a fantastic product. Fairy light accessible and affordable, so this can be something you would want to invest in without worrying too much about it. Also, adding these lights will make your sitting room look more prominent and eye-catching. Some of the individuals will get confused in hanging these fairy lights, so what they can do is hang the string lights on the photo shells, plants, mirror, or corner to corner on the roof of the living room. You can also use an empty glass bottle while keeping the fairy lights inside it as before few decades lava lamps were used.

fairy lights

    5. Hanging plants

Adding hanging plants in the living room is another quick and easy way to decorate your living space and giving it a more natural look in a very cheap way. You could hang in natural or artificial plants, deciding what works best for you because natural plants require care that many of us might not be able to give due to insufficient time.

And if residents are not comfortable with hanging plants, what they can do is. They can install a wooden or metallic plant pedestal in the sitting room as it also helps to fill the empty corner with decoration.

hanging plants in living room

     6. Divider and space

Making good use of living room space is very important when planning to renovate or reorganize it. Keep in mind there should be enough space to walk around freely—Pull-on some dividers to make your living room look well-planned and organized. Dividers are used to separate your living room from the kitchen or dining place. Room dividers allow you to give the living space a quick makeover. One of the examples of dividers is bookshelves. Also, do the optimum utilization of resources. (E.g., make one couch in the shape of a table which will give you the work of both as a table also and couch also, or install the mirror and use it backspace to keep things).

Divider space in living room

       7. Basic into modern elegant

Shifting from basic materials to modern elegance can be difficult but isn’t impossible. It’s not about spending more money but vision, anticipate the look of your entire living room and then buy materials like tissue holder, the table cloth on the coffee table, that have little to do but can serve as a route to your imagined visions. A respectfully chosen color palette, mirrors, choosing to embellish your sofa with pillows, and artwork make way for an elegant living room design.

Modern elegant in living room

     8. Mirror, a vital part of living room

Mirrors serve as a decorative material, too, so hurry up and get one for your living room. Full-sized mirrors or small differently shaped mirrors give the most pleasing look. It will not only let you have a look at yourself once again as you’re leaving the house but also is a spot to take a picture. Mirrors also have the power to double up affluence and robustness while sucking up the negative energy sneaking around you when used right. Also, do remember not to put the two mirrors opposite each other in your sitting room because it can create a negative feeling. Moreover, keep the mirror above 4 to 5 feet from the ground level. And if there is a good view outside your living room, then place a mirror opposite the window so that the landscape is reflected in that.

mirrors in living room

    9.Sound and temperature

Your living room would be the perfect place for you to be in if you consider and two fundamental aspects: sound and temperature in the area. On a rainy day, you would like to have slow and relaxing music with a warm temperature that’s inviting and not something uncomfortable to others. As when you and your family have to spend time together so definitely you people would like to sit in the living room and spend time there and if your living room will not be comfortable on the source of sound and temperature, you will surely devote less time to your family. What matters in the living room? Are you and your family happy and comfortable?

sound and temperature in living room

   10. Play around with the curtains

A living room should feel comfortable and functional; adding curtains can sense luxuriousness and softness in the space. Put up curtains with the sheer inner layer, which gives away a more aesthetic look to the area. Leave the inner layer of the curtains open while roll and tie the outer layer to allow the inner layer to show its vibrancy of the color coordination. You can also use the valance board above windows which can help you to hide the curtains rod under it.

curtains in living room

        11. Vintage touch

Chandelier gives a royal look to space and is known as an elegant piece of decoration. You can add in the telephones used in ancient times, lamps, etc., to give your living room a classic and vintage vibe. To give a classic look to your lounge, it adds neutral color in your living room because this color is contemplated as one of the main characteristics in vintage touch and modern interior design.

  • vintage touch to living room
  1. Comfort zone in the living room

The sofa is the comfort zone of a living room, so invest in a good quality seating arrangement. Having a sofa with two single chairs at each end opposite each other and only gives the sofa a long look but also provides a choice for people to sit in.

comfort zone

        13. Achievement outlet

Having a board or showcase to hold your medals or trophies will make your living room look like a well-thought, planned, and designed space. Arrange the trophies from younger achievement to older ones or the other way around as you prefer but not just form a clutter in that space. Organize things well.

arranging achievements in living room

         14.  Explore the sizes, colors, and shapes

We all have different choices. Thus, it’s not necessary to have the same perspectives when designing or decorating your living room. Do try playing around with different sizes, colors, and shapes of the materials like sofas, tables, chairs, etc. The more you try different things, the better you know what works best for you.

size and color in living room

         15. Display souvenirs or loose-part materials

Make a corner to put out the collection of souvenirs you bought from the countries you visited or were gifted by your friends or family. Making a product out of loose-part materials requires one to be creative with the arrangement of materials.

souvenirs or loose-part materials

As given above, ideas of decoration for your living room have led our team to conclude that there can be numerous tips to decorate your sitting room with the best décor ideas by your taste, considering that, Is your lounge comfortable to you and your guest’s? By adding up these 15 eye-catching ideas, the rating of your living room will not only be increased but also your lounge will get a vintage touch in addition to the comfort zone.

FAQ- Living Room Decor

Arrangements of furniture creates the look of sitting room. Do remember to display your equipments at a focal point, also consider a traffic flow. Install a table with arm distance, create a conversation area, and use right size rugs.
It all depends upon the surface area of living room. If the area of lounge is conjusted then we must decorate the wall with photographs, and if your living room is spacious then its a good point to install the television as it helps to cover the emty space and act as a source of entertainment.
There are various different preferences but if their is a window in living room then one must put sofa opposite to the windows, otherwise the centre of living room adjustable with traffic flow is best place to install sofas.




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