30 best home decoration ideas

home decoration tips

Whether you moved into a new house or you want to renovate your same old house. Decorating it can be pricy. You have to spend all those thousands of dollars to change just for a corner. But what if we say that you can decorate your house on your own? And that too at an affordable rate. 

So, we bring you the top 30 ways by which you can decorate your home. These points that we will talk about will be under your budget. All it will take is your artistic skills and our ideas. 

List of Top 30 Home Decor Ideas With Noble Decoration

1. Put a Plant pedestal

This plant pedestal is one of the best ways to decorate your living room or your rooms. A plant pedestal can make an empty corner of your house looks more elegant. You can either add a wooden pedestal or a metallic one. But be more creative and paint it with delightful and warm accent colors. And showcase your plants and flowers.

Using this decorating idea will make your plants stand both in style and versatile. You can even stack your books on top of the plant pedestal, to give it a classy look. It is best suitable for the living room or guest room.

Put a Plant Pedestal

2.Change your wall to faux concrete wall

Are you fed up with seeing the same old walls around you? And need a change. Then this is just a spectacular decorative idea for you.

This decorative idea is the most popular thing now. Shifting from your boring walls to concrete walls is just the best gift that you can give to your home. You can also use it for different things like from walls to floors to furniture and accessories.

Just grab the opportunity and bring different textures into your space. Hold your paint, dry paintbrush, and lint-free cloths. And start changing the place around you to make it more lively.

Faux Concrete Wall 

3. Half painted art

Do you find painting the whole wall difficult and tedious? Do you want to paint your walls at affordable rates? Then you fall into this category. 

Repaint your walls while keeping in mind the half paint art. This decorative idea gives you an upper hand with the colors. 

You can add bold colors of your choice, or add an on-trend graphic edge. This choice is in your hands as to how you want your walls to look alike. This half paint art trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. So, be trendy and creative and do try a dark hue. You can use this idea for any room.

Half painted wall

4.Create a secret Shoe storage

Arrange the clutter in its place with secret shoe organizing ideas. Keep your entryway bestrew-free plus more decorative with hidden shoe storage. In simple terms, organizing is all about optimizing more space in your closet, entryway, and mudroom. 

The best way to achieve it is to cover the shoes with a fabric table skirt. You can also get wheeled storage, which can easily be slide into any corners. And cove the top with a fabric table skirt, which you can decorate more with flowers, trinkets, and other decorative items.

Secret Shoe Storage

5. Decorate the walls with a Star rope mirror

This simple mirror creative idea can bring any tedious wall into a dynamic and vigorous wall. It is an eye-catching piece that no one can ignore but remain bewitched by its uniqueness. It comes under the category of string art design and is easy to make. 

This stunning star mirror can make any wall looks intricate. One of the best parts about it is, it will not cost you more than $25 to make. So, get all the equipment and get ready to go ahead on this journey.

Decorate the walls with a Star rope mirror 

6. Find out a Cozy reading spot

Are you an avid reader? Does your home lack a perfect place just for reading? Then this creative idea is just what you need. In our hectic lives, we always need a place to be quiet and calming to read novels, magazines, or for meditation. The crack is to have a reading nook. 

Think about yourself as to what makes you feel comfortable. It can be a soft chair, plush throw pillow, and ottoman. If not for a whole place, then grab a corner and cozy furniture. And you are all set to go. You can also use wall art or quotes to make it like a reading nook.

Cozy reading spot

7.Install a canopy on your bed

Do you want to transform your bedroom? Then this point is for you. 

Make your bedroom feel like you are living in a castle with this idea. Just a bit change and your place is all fit for a royalty touch. Install a canopy to the bedroom with white gauze fabric hangs that can bring an ethereal look.

A bed canopy is just the way to add a classic and elegant touch to any bedroom. This beautiful decorative accessory to your bedding is capable of bringing a transform to your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Don’t forget a canopy is a bed with a frame to drape on the bed like curtains.

 Canopy on your bed

8.Replace your dresser with a patterned dresser

Do you still have those old and dull dressers? Then this time is just perfect for replacing your dresser with the pattern dressers. Dressers are one of the essentials that can be changed and decorated easily. Give your home a cozy landing spot that will catch the eyes of the guests. 

Patterned dressers are on trends to add a pop of texture to your space. Decorate your dresser with wallpapers or paint it the way you like. Once it’s all set and done, you will enjoy filling each drawer with clothing, and linens from around the home.

patterned dresser

9.Treat Your Windows

Just a little touch to your windows and, it could change the whole look of your home. A well-designed and well-treated window can make a positive first impression, especially if it’s the entryway window. You can transform your windows by adding sidelights, or classic curtains to add both a classic and modern touch. 

Treat Your Windows

10.Arrange a Book side table

Do you still have those heavy and considerable sizes of books that you don’t need now? Rather than just putting them on shelves, use your dusty encyclopedias to better use. You can use them as a side table. All it needs is your creativity in how you arrange them. 

One of the ideas is to assemble the books together. Cut or trim them and put them in a box frame. To give it a classy or modern look choose the box frame accordingly. Paint the top and drill a hole the size of the dowel throws each book center. Then glue the dowel and put a table glass on it and it’s all prepared for you.

Arrange a Book side table

11.Add an attractive Cork lamp

Want to add a touch of creativity to your home or on the side table of your bedroom. 

Then this cork lamp is just what you need to add a unique balance between natural and man-made materials. This lamp is an exceptionally artful and creative idea that adds a touch of elegance to your home.

It also becomes an excellent place to work, put it on your work desk.

You can use this lamp as a design atop shaker-style nightstands on each side of your bed. You can also add accessories to it like a net to give it a feeling of the navy. Or use stickers according to your desires.

Add an attractive Cork lamp

12. Brighten up your home with Pendant lights

 A pendant light, also known as a suspender/drop is a single light. Which you can attach using a cord or chain of various types. This piece is a precious item that can make your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom a bit more ambient and cozy.

You can be used in multiples and hung together in a pattern you desire or used as a stand-alone in any part of the house. An excellent solution for people looking for an idea to give the spaces within their house a new vibe. That too, well within your budget.

So, Get a pendant light of your choice today and give your home a new source to brighten it up.

Brighten up your home with Pendant lights

 13. Make your house creative with statement art

Arts for decoration? Sounds great, isn’t it? Statement arts carries deep meaning in the painting itself. It will give you both graceful and cultural emotions. Creativity with decoration is what matters. You can choose arts that fit with your designs and personality. Give your house a new dimensional look with an artistic view.

Are you in love with paintings? How about adding it to your house designs? Portraits, abstract, digital are some of the arts that can harmonize your house layouts. You can even have an art wallpaper. Arts left an impression on life the same goes for houses. Make sure to add extraordinary art to your house decorations for winning people’s hearts.

Make your house creative with statement art

14. Why not a floral decoration for your house?

Everybody loves flowers and seeing them every morning is heaven. Florals wallpapers are in trend. It will give your house nature’s feeling. And side by side will match with interior designs perfectly. Flower designs with butterflies on them can be exceptionally suited for houses that are simple yet elegant.

A floral design can definitely enhance your house decorations. Floral prints don’t have to contain flowers alone. You can add any design according to your choices to give it a unique look. Choose light color flower designs for a modest look and bold designs for a daring look. Use this great idea to get your dream house.

floral decoration for your house

15. Breakfast nook for a comfortable and happy feasting

A design dining room can be great but will be too vivid for everybody to use. But a breakfast nook is meant to be comfortable, friendly, and facilitative to convey discussions and for having meals. Ensure that it’s cozy, modern, and bold so that it can attract the attention of the guests. Take your cup of tea in the morning and enjoy it with breakfast nook.

Location is also important as much as the colors and designs. Select a place in your house with a great view and lighting to make it look more stunning. You can check the different designs and colors and go for the one that can intensify your interiors.

Breakfast nook for a comfortable and happy feasting

16. Put your collectibles on display

Beautiful treasures and collections can elevate your home ambiance. Be it a small shell to wallpaper paintings, all this will enhance the beauty of your house. Unique collectibles like a matchbox, play cards, or even a glass showpiece can be organized properly such that it is easily accessible.

 Also, it will add more value to your home, if the things are more often organized systematically and also makes it look more appealing. Instead of putting on a large display, you can add a few small objects that don’t require more space but look more pleasing to your eyes.

Put your collectibles on display

17. Set up a bookshelf decor

Plan to add a picture-perfect book self decor. You can enhance the looks of your house by adding a few items that you already have. Also, select picture frames, vases, a bunch of books or editions with a sweet little potted plant kept aside.

You might have the urge of putting a ton of accessories on each self. But it’s a better option to plan out things and arrange the items in an orderly manner like in one – color or tone on tone pattern. Don’t forget to add your closest objects that hold some of your beautiful memories in it.

Set up a bookshelf decor

18. Install new lighting

Arranging the lighting that matches with your home decor is quite essential. You might have heard different lighting setups like wall lighting, accent lighting, etc. However, it comes in various sizes and colors too.

Choose the one that suits with your interior decor as well as fits your budget. From small tiny lamps to large elegant chandeliers are present in the market. So what are you waiting for? Get your hand on mesmerizing and decorative new lighting with various range options and amplify the aura of your house.

Install new lighting

19. Rearrange your furniture

Mostly, by just rearranging the furniture you can give a completely new look to your home. However, it’s not as easy a task as it seems to be. Changing the direction and position of your furniture such that it looks more realistic and aesthetically pleasing is definitely a daunting task.

Keep referring to simple and easy to apply ideas, so that it looks a bit more spacious. Always keep it in mind before rearranging the furniture that always strives to balance out the items and other commodities with your furniture. Don’t make it look messy and filthy while rearranging the furniture.

Rearrange your furniture

20. Add seating to your floor

Go for low seating ideas that perfectly suit your boho-chic and Moroccan interior design. Add patchwork floor pouf and cube-shaped upholstered tools that can uplift your interior designing looks. Plus, you can definitely select floor cushions that make it more bright and glossy without too much fuss. 

However, if you are an avid reader and love large theater then you would surely choose bean bags as one of the options. Bean bags are definitely a good choice for extra seating space. Also, for a casual set up you can add colorful resin bags stuffed with beans that are much fluffy and comfy while seating.

Add seating to your floor

21. DIY wallpaper

Want to add some realistic colors and get some remodeling work done effectively. But changing the styles and colors can be a hectic task. Hence, choose to use wallpaper that comes with your budget. Also, it can transform your rooms into much more fascinating and intriguing which gives you the feel you want.

Plus, you can save more money and time by selecting DIY wallpapers. This is a perfect option for those who don’t have much idea about the designs. But want to add heart desires photos, paints, and geometric designs. You can fulfill your dream with the right DIY designs that you would always prefer to have.

DIY wallpaper

22. Choose trendy textiles

As many people view textiles designing as a finishing touch. But it is one of the essential components for designing. If you want to decorate your house choose a piece of textiles that is in trend and contributes to your room in the right way.

Just imagine how fascinating it would look to stand in a room that is wrapped around silk and velvet with the addition of accent shades and designs. Isn’t it? Add a few fabrics and various textiles that you want to portray in each specific room. Ensure that the rooms look more glamorous after adding the desired textiles.

Choose trendy textiles

23. Show off an antique piece

If you believe in past connection and loves a sense of history in the space we colonize. Then decorating the home with antiques can be a perfect choice. Firstly choose an appropriate antique piece that can be easily accommodated in your space. Then simply put out the antique piece in the right corner such that it doesn’t look more chaotic.

Look for a good antique piece that keeps the space more fresh and elegant. You can even add antique furniture like accent tables and accessories. All these antiques will reinvent the space in a way that connects with history but also freshens up the modern perspective.

Show off an antique piece

24. Swap your window shades to get the best interior

Give your home a new crazy look with window shades. Selecting window shades are the most crucial part while doing interiors. There are various styles to choose from such as modern, vertical horizontal, etc. You can purchase the one that suits your wallpaper, ceiling, and even fits your room. There are many ideas for putting window shades so, decide one that holds more attraction.

A window covering can be decorative or pale depending on the lights and place you put it in. Rattan blinds can perfectly adjust with your floral wallpapers. Hence, replace your window shades with a wholly unique design.

Swap your window shades to get the best interior

25. Accent wallpapers that worth your money

Want your plain and simple wall to look classy? Wallpapers have continuously been in a trend for more than 10 years. Wallpapers can be a great help to your interiors. With endless design present choosing an excellent design will make it all worth it.

Wallpapers with structures and patterns are great for both decorations and money. Accent wallpapers can even provide a royal look to your rooms. Adding a different accent wallpaper to the same room will also make it look more stunning. Paint your desired colors on the walls and develop your imagination into reality.

Accent wallpapers that worth your money

26. Layer rugs and patterns for highlighting your house

Is there furniture that you want to accentuate? Then rugs are the best way to make them show up. Double rugs can help your wallpaper to look glorious. Use bold and pattern rugs for a neutral place in your house to highlight. Try out this new style rug and replace it with your boring carpets.

The contrasting and pattern design can easily brighten up your floor space. The texture is also as important as the colors and patterns. Soft, fluffy, and smooth layer rugs not only look attractive but also help in easy walking. When it comes to outside, choose layer rugs that will create a warm welcome.

Layer rugs and patterns for highlighting your house

27. Redecorating the gallery wall

Gallery walls are a must-have if you want to add some visual interest to your rooms. Gallery walls, though common these days, require a lot of creativity to give them an impressive view. They’re an amazing way to instill color and pattern into a room. Worried about the space remaining on the wall? Give them a gallery wall decoration.

While a gallery wall is usually believed of as a collection of artwork and photos, you can freshen the look with any wall decor. You can even add your photo or pictures that connect with your memories. Gallery walls are simply the best when it comes to decor.

Redecorating the gallery wall

28. Give your dull floor a bright look

Floors are the most difficult part of the interiors. Then can make your house look boring even with wallpapers, gallery walls, rugs, and lights. To make it look more desirable color it. Coloring the floor is getting popular more and more now.

3d design on the floor is a new sensation. You can try out many designs or simply create a pattern that can match your walls, ceiling, and bed designs. Dark colors can flawlessly match with your white room giving it a customized view.

Give your dull floor a bright look

29. Hang colorful curtains for a more natural view

To give your house an eye-catching look deciding the best curtain is very essential.  Since the house without windows is a house without life, it is important to embellish them accordingly and not discern it. You should first examine all your house elements like carpets, beds, your window styles, and many more. This can help you to choose the curtains that suit your house the best.

No matter how luxurious or beautiful your furniture maybe then should complement each other. The walls and windows should be designed properly to adjust them with each other. These colorful curtains can add aesthetic value to your house.

Hang colorful curtains for a more natural view

30. Choose a decent Shutter side table

Side tables are necessary especially on the side of beds. It gives two benefits. First, it helps in keeping your stuff, and second, the side table makes it look more stylish. You can even DIY it. There are a lot more designs you can try out that match your bed.

They can be placed in your bedrooms or even other rooms. Modern bedrooms mostly have one side table to look it grander. It is the perfect furniture that your bedroom needs. So check out these great stylish side tables to get a master bedroomChoose a decent Shutter side table.

FAQ – Home Decor Ideas

Mostly depends on your furniture and interior designing. If it's the modern decor, try to add modern and fresh accessories that go in hand in hand with your decor. 
figure out what color makes you feel warm and comfortable. Also, check your other accessories and blend them with various shades and colors to give out a unique accent wallpaper.
You can add the large portraits that match with your furniture and other accessories. However, you can select a few pictures with a center large one along with small pictures to give out a more artistic look.
collect the artworks and paintings that resemble your interior design. Think about the theme and apply new trendy styles and patterns that merge together seamlessly.
If you prefer spacious living rooms and love to entertain your guest. Then open living room concept is the best choice. You can add seating setups along with two accent chairs and a minimalistic coffee table that creates ample space.
You can select whatever you prefer to have. But make sure that it relates to the color and style as well as with your design theme

Conclusion Decorating a room is an art and how you transform your room shows your personality. You won’t believe but something as simple as that can not only change the whole look of your room but also heal you from within. Now that you have known the various ways of decorating your home. Just add these decoration tips and ideas and enlighten you’re home with more creativity

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