25 Creative Grand Wedding Decor Ideas

wedding decoration ideas

 With the wedding date nearing, this preparatory phase can be quite nerve-wracking. And it can often leave you clueless regarding what’s going on around you? Or what should be done? And how exactly to do it?

We won’t claim to do it all for you or leave all the worrying to us. But what we can do is help lighten up the atmosphere with our cute and creative wedding decoration ideas. That might help you get closer to the idea of your dream wedding. So, here are our top 25 wedding decor ideas to your rescue.

1.Create a space for childcare

Want something unique idea for your wedding? Then make kid care sections. Your guest may want to have an arrangement for child care. So, you can hire a babysitter so that the stress of the parents could vanish. Prepare a room for youngsters full of games, DVDs, etc so that they can even enjoy.

create space for kids in wedding ideas

Separating a room for a child especially at a destination wedding is essential. As many destination marriages take place at resorts, it may be best to have the kids all in one hotel room throughout the reception. This new idea would make the parents delighted.

2. A Luxe Reception Lounge

This luxe reception lounge is the right of every guest at your wedding. Give your guests the ideal place to mingle and take rest between dance breaks. And all you need for that is a lounge area at your reception. You can implement this fun and innovative wedding idea without much effort.

Fill your place with chairs, couches, and enough pillows to use during the time. Don’t forget to use rugs if you are planning for an outdoor reception.

You can also vary the level of lighting some high, some low, and anywhere in between. The more the illumination will be warm and cozy it will feel. Want to make your guest feel awestruck? Use curtains to close off the area that will create a VIP vibe.

luxe Reception Lounge Area

3. Midnight tempting snacks for time-killing

Weddings, functions, and parties all are incomplete without food. you can even say that a lot of guests only come for food. When you think the fun is winding down serves them with midnight snacks. This not only keeps them cheerful but make them ready for an after-party.

Serve them with French fries, soda, drinks, chips, cookies, etc. especially for kids to make them joyful. No one wants their wedding to look pale. So, trying these delicious snacks as a part of the decoration could be a great idea. Also, ensure that the foods must look tempting and delicious so that the wedding could end perfectly.

Mid time Snacks

4. Guest Transportation

Want to make your guests feel comfortable and grateful? Then have a guest transportation system, to make it easy for your guests to reach your reception. Especially if you are planning to shuttle your guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

Make this journey worth remembering and fun by renting cool mass transportation. Take your transportation, to the next level with a hot air balloon ride. You can also hire a decorative bus that will suit your wedding style. For extra fun and flare play music throughout the journey.

Guest Transportation

5. Preceremony Cocktails

Wedding ceremonies last for hours and, your guests may get a little hungry and thirsty. Having a pre-ceremony cocktail is a thoughtful idea, that will make your guests feel that you care. This small gesture is a sign that you feel grateful to have them. And that you will do anything for their convenience.

Especially when your guests are not expecting any drinks before the ceremony, surprise them. You can serve them the chilled water and if you are not so low on budgets. A fruit-infused iced tea is much appreciated.

Don’t forget to ask your caterers to take care of the empty glasses. To keep the room clean and tidy.

Preceremony Cocktails

6. Standout Escort Cards

After weeding and champagne celebration at cocktail hour, now it’s time to find the way to dinner. At this point, you will need the standout escort cards. Creating escort cards is an exciting way to customize your wedding. With your creative ideas, it has the power to enhance the decor of your wedding.

Paper can be lost or thrown away easily. So, upgrade your escort cards that will be worth keeping them. You can use the escort cards with cake pops. So, people can enjoy them eating too.

Standout Escort Cards

7.Upgraded Welcome Bags

This idea is one of the best ways to make your guests feel like VIP. Welcome, all your guests with welcome bags. The welcome hampers can be of any shape and size. Give your guests all sorts of gifts that you think they will like. And make them feel special on your special day too.

This gesture proves that you are welcoming your guests effectively and more welcomed. So, think carefully about what you want to give your guests. It can cause a positive impact on them. You can also add an individual welcome note in the bags.

Welcome Bags

8.End your wedding ceremony in an excellent manner

Ever heard about the exit wedding ceremony? You must have. But many people don’t know how to make it look amazing. If you can play it right then, there will be a lot of photos for your wedding moments. Decorate your exit entrance with flowers, stickers, etc. To provide your photos with a great background.

You can even call a band for a more engaging exit. They can escort you to the car with music and also by throwing flowers as you pass. Arrange a return gift program or any kind of program that you prefer to say your guest an outstanding goodbye.

End of wedding ceremony

9. All over lighting

When everyone is focusing on minute wedding details like cakes, floral decoration, and gift cards. Lighting is one of the essential components of wedding decor. Set up a grand wedding with a standardized venue booking. Organize the creative lighting that can instantly transform your space into another level.

Beautiful lighting and candles cannot make your wedding more impressive but can also light up your perfect venue.  Take a moment and plan your wedding lighting with a perfect spotlight on the main show. Amaze your guest with your creativity and make your day shine.

Light in parties

10. A DIY Flower Station

+Flowers are the harbingers of romance and positivity. Any decoration is dull without flowers. So, they are always a must for a wedding. By having a DIY Flower station, let your guest stand out with their corsage or boutonniere.

All you need to do is to ask your florist to set up a flower station. You can put your favorite flowers and ribbons on the station. And watch your guests having fun and imagination.

flowers decoration

11. Reception ushers to provide you with all the details

Want your ceremony seating to be done more smoothly? Then an attendant is a necessary thing if you are planning a grand wedding. Then can help your guest for an easy escort to their tables or wedding venue. So that there would no more troubles or inconvenience.

Are ushers important at a wedding? Well, that depends upon you. If you want a concern-free wedding then a reception ushers are required. Every time asking a groom or bride for all the arrangements and seating doesn’t sound good. With this as an option, you can have a perfect and happy wedding.

Reception Ushers

12. Perform a sibling dance

Do you feel that your brother would deny dancing at your wedding? That’s not possible. A sibling dance is quite necessary if you’re close to the bride. A beautifully choreographed sibling dance can depict your sister-brother bond.

Every bride gets emotional on this day, and expressing your love and affection towards the bride can make her day even more memorable. Select a song that relates to your brother-sister relationship and present her with a sweet gesture of love. You may gather many people and play a song that can instigate grooms to even dance on the floors and rock the wedding night.

sibling dance

13. A Memorable Guest Book

A wedding guest book may not be your priority in contrast with wedding photos and ceremonies. But this guest book will contain all those everlasting memories of this special day. Think beyond a boring guest book, be creative with it, and make it the catchiest guest book.

You can use the wooden heart stakes and can ask your guests to sign those. It will make a beautiful and unique guest book. You can also create a jigsaw puzzle of your photos and ask your guests to sign each piece. You can also put different color pens, glitter pens to make your guests choose accordingly. A signed guitar for music lover couples is also a great idea.

Memorable Guest Book

14. Unexpected wedding music

 Wedding planning and arrangement can make you feel like you’re being hit with an endless question. And a new beginning to your new life. Many brides and groom plan out there to be a list for their wedding. And one of the surprises that can amuse the bride and groom is unexpected background music.

Just imagine how beautiful and the emotional moment it would feel like. If your close ones plan out these beautiful wedding surprises for them. Sweet little surprises and wonder can make any special occasion especially if it’s a wedding a more memorable one.

Wedding music

15. A Friends and Family Tree Seating Chart

Assigning seats is not mandatory and can be overwhelming at first. But seating arrangements for any sit-down dinner affair make things easier. This seating arrangement helps you decide the tables and chair’s a max capacity. By assigning seats, you are even making sure that your guests are sitting beside their loved’s ones. Especially with whom they feel comfortable.

One of the best creative ideas to make the seating arrangement fun is to have a friend and family tree seating chart. Although it’s a bit hard work this idea is worth the time and cost.

Seating Arrangements

16. A creative groom’s cake

Groom’s cakes were traditionally thought of as a masculine alternative to the typical feminine wedding cake. However, that’s not the case. Now the groom’s cake is more of a surprise dessert addition that a bride-to-be plans for her groom. It mostly portrays the likes or hobbies or interests of the groom.

Plan a special groom’s cake can range from a chocolate replica to a sports arena. Though these are not a necessary element, they can be a lovely addition. And they can also brighten up your groom to be’s mood with the thoughtfulness that went into making that cake.

Groom's cake

17. A First-Dance Confetti Drop

Having a confetti picture is joyous, no?

Be the image a planned one or a candid one the results are always surprising and epic. If there’s a confetti canon involved, then it is just icing on a cake.

The first dance is always exceptional and is one of the highlights of your wedding. So, have this cylinder of nitrogen that spray paper pretty high into the air. And that’s all it takes to make the scene becomes a beautiful canopy of confetti around you. It will be a purely magical moment.

First-Dance Confetti Drop

18. Upgraded welcome bags

There is no better way than welcoming your guest with innovative welcome bags. How special it would be to receive a small little bag or basket filled with joy and a beautiful greeting. You can even surprise your guest with some handy welcome bags consisting of hangover gifts.

What would be more interesting than a curated bag filled with goodies and local delicacies? A sweet little tip of snacks and drinks including cookies, popcorn, chocolates would be considered as a much-appreciated gesture of yours. At last, give some extra touch to the wedding with a small liquor bottle or champagne paired with a mixer that guests would love.

Welcome bags

19. A Video Confessional Booth

To create the best twist on the same old fashioned booth trend, all you have to do is have a video confessional booth. Hire or rent a video booth, where your guests can make short videos to wish you luck with your new life. Or to record short and sweet on-screen messages for you.

You can also have a video graph-er to edit those videos. You can also select a few best clips to add to your wedding video. And share a confession video to make it the perfect wedding video.

Rent a video booth

20. Thoughtful and valuable favors

Showing a sweet little gesture and gratitude towards the guest never goes out of style. And for that, a no better option to express love and affection towards the guest by presenting customized wedding favors. All your efforts would be appreciated if you choose some really meaningful and valuable favors.

Presenting special gifts that hold the memories of your wedding is a really good option for the guests to remember your wedding for a lifelong. Delight your guest with elegant gift hampers and favors and remind them of the rustic feel and fond remembrances from your wedding ceremony.

Thoughtful and valuable favors

21. Additional signage for guests

If you are planning your wedding on the beaches or anywhere outside then signage could be of great help. They are written on cardboard mentioning the ways about the venue or cocktail party. To make it look more interesting and attractive you can design or draw pictures.

You can have a sign for the order of events, open seating, VIP guests, ceremony program, and many more. You can even add your memories or pictures to the signs and tell them about your love story. These signages give a wedding vibe when noticed by guests. So, make sure to add these to your wedding lists.

Signs for guest

22. A decked out entryway

Wedding day is one of the biggest days for the bride. And this day can be made extra special and memorable by organizing a killer bridal entry. A bride desire to have a grand entry where all the eyes are on her during this moment.

However, nowadays there is a more creative and fun bridal entry that you can try. All these small efforts and ideas can make the groom’s entrance more memorable and impactful. From “pholoon ke cheddar” to flower chariot, all this can make her dreams of having a princess-like entry come true. Make her enter the venue with some grace and elegance.

bridal entry

23. A photo booth

Nothing can break the ice at the wedding like an ingenious photo booth.  Whether it’s blush-inducing accessories or silly and funny props, all this would make your grand wedding extra special and creative. A wedding is such an occasion where you will see your family, friends, and close relatives mingling and giggling around the camera.

You would notice that many people dressed up in your finery and all they would desire is to get a beautiful picture captured with the grooms and bride. Small arrangements like quirky backdrop photo shoots can make this event more engaging even for the guests. Capture some beautiful laughs and sentimental moments in your photo shoots.

photo shoots in wedding

24. Social media integration

There are times when your close one can’t attend the wedding ceremony due to some issues.  Here, in this case, you can plan a live wedding ceremony. By trying this idea you can make their presence more valuable. This will not only make that far-away, experience the joys of the wedding to the fullest but also give a feeling of them being closer to you despite the distance.

Plus, you can do some really interactive sessions on your social media platforms like wedding hashtags or Facebook albums. All these sweet little ideas can make your guest watch the live stream and enjoy every single special moment of your wedding.

Social media integration wedding

25. A hip after party

You may have heard the saying that after the party comes after-party. However, this is so true and evident in nowadays wedding.  Without an after-party celebration, the wedding seems to be incomplete.

Couples want to host a beautiful hang-out party at the wedding, to chill and have fun along with their friends and family. Who doesn’t want the biggest days of their lives to be special and cheerful? All a couple would desire is to spend more and more time with their loved ones and celebrate the occasion to the fullest. These after-party ideas are the best option to go for!

A hip after party

FAQ – Grand Wedding Decor Ideas

There are so many items available in your home that you thought of no use but can really help in the wedding decor. Just pick-up lots of candles, hanging lighting, and a touch of greenery, and all set for the wedding.
The very first important sign is to put welcome signs at the entrance point. Further, as per requirement, you can add a wedding hashtag sign, the cocktail menu sign, and so on.
If you want to be on the safe side, then simply hire a wedding planner that can manage all your work. A professional wedding planner can perfectly set up the venue decorations in a given time.
If you have booked a long banquet hall table, then you can easily arrange as many tables as per the provisions.  However, if you’re serving in a buffet style then you might require two 8-foot tables per 100 people.
If you lack time and don't want your wedding ceremony to be spoilt. Then choosing the right wedding coordinator that can easily manage items like guest books, favors, and other menu and programs can be helpful.


With such amazing ideas to gear you up, hope you are all set to dive into the wedding season with a clear image of what your ideal wedding would look like. Good luck with the big day!

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